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Happy June! Exciting News for my Business and Family!

Heather O'Brien Design | Custom Wedding Invitations | Jacksonville, Florida

Today is bitter sweet in so many ways. It’s the closing of a few chapters and the start of others. Today my oldest graduates from VPK 4, she’ll leave the school, teachers, and students that she has been with since she was 10 months old. This school is her second home, and I am forever grateful for it and all of the teachers and staff. In August, Caroline will start a new school as a kindergartner. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. We are so blessed that Caroline is a super outgoing and social child. I know without a doubt that she will thrive at her new school with new teachers and new friends. I can’t wait to see her continue to grow in so many ways.

Heather O'Brien Design | Custom Wedding Invitations | Jacksonville, Florida

Another chapter is closing today as well. Today is my last day at my corporate job. Most of my followers and clients probably don’t even realize that I HAVE a corporate job, but I do, or did, I guess. I have been with this company for almost 11 years now as a marketing specialist. I started with the firm while I was still in college and they have seen be graduate, grow, get married and have babies. This company has been MY second home. I will be forever grateful for my 11 years there. It is never an easy decision when you have such an amazing team you work with and an even better director. Earlier this year, Troy and I made the decision for me to leave this job and go full-speed ahead with my business and spend time with the kids. I am so excited (and slightly terrified) to start this new adventure and watch my kids and my business grow.

Heather O'Brien Design | Custom Wedding Invitations | Jacksonville, Florida

With the above mentioned closings, I am so grateful for a new chapter to open. To stay home with my kids this summer and schedule field trips and play dates and watch them love on each other. Since Caroline started “school” at 10 months old, she has never been home for a full summer, so I think I am most excited to spend some time with her (ask me again in a few months…!) I am also so excited for the opportunities to open up my business more, dedicate more time to my clients, take on more clients, and later this summer/fall, I plan on launching a full wedding collection for Heather O’Brien Design! Y’all. It’s going to rock your world! I am SO excited about it!

Heather O'Brien Design | Custom Wedding Invitations | Jacksonville, Florida

I would love to hear from any work at home mamas who raise their kiddos and run their business and how they successfully balance the two. I would also love to hear of anything fun and exciting that I can take the kids to do this summer in the Jacksonville/Clay area! I would also covet your prayers during this new chapter of our lives. It will be an adjustment for each and everyone of us, but I know God opened this door for a reason and I am so excited to see what’s ahead.



  1. Terri Mangum says:

    Good luck on all of your journeys and have fun and enjoy the kids. 

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