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frequently asked questions

how many invitations should I order

 When deciding how many sets you need, you count the number of households that you are sending invitations to, not the number of people being invited.  It is recommended that you order 10 sets extra to keep on hand.

how does the proofing process work

The proofing process is my favorite part! After you've booked my services, you'll receive a fun questionnaire to fill out so I can get started on your designs. For your proof, you'll receive a digital suite layout that shows how your full suite looks together so you can get a real feel for how the beautiful envelope color goes with the suite or how the wax seal fits so perfectly. 

what is the turnaround time

The standard turnaround time for invitations is 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of your suite. If specialty printing or items are added, additional time is needed. It is recommended that you start the ordering process at least 4 to 6 months prior to the mailing date to make sure there is plenty of time and to keep the process as stress free as possible.

what are my print options

For all of our standard invitation sets, digital (flat) printing is included. We do offer specialty printing options such as thermography, foil, or letterpress. Additional time is needed when any of the specialty printing options are used.

Digital Printing ($) is flat printing where a digital image is transferred directly onto the paper. Digital printing allows for a quicker turnaround and use of multiple colors for the same price.

Thermography ($$) is a printing method where a powder is added on top of ink printing and placed under heat to create a raised effect on top of the paper.

Foil Printing ($$$) is when a plate is replicated of your design and used to press metallic foil into the paper. Foil printing is beautiful and can be done in many different colors and works well when combined with digital printing or letterpress.

Letterpress Printing ($$$$) is the most expensive of the printing methods, but equally as beautiful. A plate is created with your design and a direct impression of an inked, raised surface is rolled against your paper to press your design into the paper.

do you offer envelope addressing

If you don’t want to handwrite your guest names and addresses on the mailing envelopes, or write the return address over and over again, you can choose to have them printed or calligraphed on the envelopes. We can digitally print them on the envelopes to match the fonts and colors of the invitations or work with a calligrapher for the perfect finishing touch. Prices start are $2.75/set. If you choose this service, an excel sheet with formatting will be provided to you.

will my invitations come fully assembled

When you receive your invitations, if there are any backings or envelope liners, those will be adhered as part of our complimentary service. If you would like your cards stacked and stuffed into the envelopes and/or enclosures and sealed, along with any additional ribbon or wax seals, that service can be added for an additional fee depending on complexity of your suite. 

what are my options for postage stamps

There are a few different options for picking out postage for your wedding invitations. This is a fun way to dress up your envelopes! 

USPS Stamps
The Post Office offers a wide variety stamps that can be used for your Save the Dates and invitations. Usually with the weight of invitations, multiple stamps need to be used to add up to the correct postage needed. The great thing about using stamps from the Post Office is that there is no mark ups on the stamps.

Vintage Stamps
Vintage stamps are a fun and creative way to customize your envelopes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching vintage stamps. You can find stamps that coordinate with your wedding colors, your hobbies, or wedding location.

*please note that custom designed stamps
have been discontinued by USPS as of June 8, 2020.

should I do anything special to mail my invites

When mailing your invitations, you want to take a completely assembled suite to the local post office that you plan to mail your invitations from and have it weighed for accuracy. Invitation suites will range between 2 and 4 ounces, depending on what you have included in your suite. Response cards are usually covered by a standard first class/forever stamp. Keep in mind that certain things will cause the cost to increase, such as ribbons, square envelopes, wax seals or thick suites. Hand cancelling is recommend if your post office allows it. I always recommend over estimating your postage to be on the safe side.

when should I mail my save the dates & invites

Save the Dates should be sent out approximately 9-12 months in advance to give your guests notice for planning and accommodations. Invitations should be sent out 8-10 weeks before the wedding day, with a RSVP date of 4-5 weeks prior to the wedding. If the wedding is on a holiday weekend, a destination wedding, or if a majority of guests are from out of town, invitations can go out 12-14 weeks in advance.

Grab Your Stationery Checklist

Picking out the perfect wedding invitations can be so overwhelming, much less knowing the perfect time to start the process or send them out! Grab your free guide to walk you through a checklist of what you need and when you need to send them!