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My Top 5 Favorite Wedding Invitation Details

Heather O'Brien Design | Jacksonville, Florida Wedding Invitations | End of the Year Recap

Over the years, I have been blessed to work with so many absolutely amazing couples with so many different styles. I love working with each couple to truly make them a signature piece for their wedding suite and incorporating elements that are so fitting for them and their big day. There are so many different combinations and colors that make up the perfect suite. Today I thought I would share my top 5 favorite invitation details that make a suite, that much sweeter 😉

Colored Envelopes

Let’s cut to the chase and get right to my favorite. Incorporating colored envelopes into your suite is a show stopper for sure. Yes, white and ivory envelopes are beautiful and classic, but when you bring in, let’s say, a burgundy or vintage blue envelope with calligraphy or white ink printing, it’s breathtaking. Just imagine getting that colorful beauty in your mailbox! And this is all before you even get to the invitation itself! You can even mix and match between the outer envelope and the response envelope. You can just have the outer envelope be colored and keep the response envelope traditional, or you can even have two coordinating colors. One of my favorite combos is a two tone gray for both envelopes!

Wax Seals

Wax seals are on the rise. They have really been trending lately as they reminisce that vintage detail in a modern way. Wax seals can be used in several ways, they can go on the flap of the mailing envelope for your guest to see right away, or they can be used on an enclosure on the inside or even on top of ribbon that is wrapped around your full suite. Wax seals are so customizable these days, too. You can create any design you want to have on them and they come in tons of amazing colors, shapes and sizes to match perfectly with your suite. And the most amazing thing about these new age wax seals, you can even get them pre-made with a sticker adhesive! No more heating and dripping wax, unless you really want to!

Specialty Printing

I will always have a love for specialty printing. I started my business only offering digital (flat) printing, because that is all I knew. As I grew as a business, and my client’s expectation did too, I started offering thermography printing, foil press, and letterpress printing. All of these methods are so classic and beautiful. I would say right now one of my top favorites would be combing letterpress and foil together. It’s an instant classic that you really can’t go wrong it.

Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are sometimes one of those overlooked items. Most couples don’t really think about them, unless you mention them. This is prime real estate that you can use to incorporate colors or subtle (or bold!) designs. And it complements and brings together your envelope and invitation suite so cohesively. I love designing custom envelope liners with patterns or the couple’s signature logo so it is that perfect surprise when their guests open their envelopes. You can also just incorporate a nice solid color for your liner for a nice pop of color to compliment your invitation suite.


Ribbon is one of my first loves. It was one of the first “additional elements” that I started adding to my designs in the earlier years. Over the years, it has evolved to different styles of ribbons, from raw silk ribbons, to velvet to textured ribbon. There are so many luxurious options out there. They can be used to tie all of your suite pieces together and you can have it done as a flat knot or a pretty little bow like a package. I even love to include a little tag on the ribbon with additional details for the suite. There really are so many options.

So when thinking about your wedding invitation suite, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and mix and match some of these amazing elements to create a true work of art for your wedding invitations!


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