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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Florist

Heather O'Brien Design | Alyssa Morgan Photography | Ruby Reds Floral

Alyssa Morgan Photography

I love working with other wedding vendors, they are a part of an amazing team that helps make your couples’ day that much better. I truly believe in allowing professionals to do what they do best. I know it may be tempting to let Aunt Susie help out with flowers because she took that one floral class years ago, or Uncle Bob who has a nice new camera. But believe me, when it comes to your big day, let the professionals do what they do best and you be so glad you did! So today, I am spotlighting an amazing florist here in the Jacksonville area, Bonnie Melin from Ruby Reds Floral and Garden. Read below to find out Bonnie’s top 5 reasons you should be hiring a professional florist for your wedding!

Heather O'Brien Design | Jen Shannon Photography| Ruby Reds Floral

Jen Shannon

Time Consuming/Labor Intensive:

Floral arrangements are simply gorgeous but the know how to get them that way takes lots of time, patience and practice. First floral designers need to know each of the components that make up a design; number of flowers, greenery, the overall scale etc. Then we need to know the mechanics to pull it off. This happens after many trial and error attempts and years of being in the business. Those tiny boutonnieres and corsages, they can be more of a challenge and take much longer to make than a big bridal bouquet! As a professional we plan weeks and even months ahead to prepare for each wedding to make sure all of the details are perfect.

Heather O'Brien Design | La Bella Imagery | Ruby Reds Floral

La Bella Imagery

Seasonal Blooms:

As any professional florist will tell you, many of the favorite wedding blooms are seasonal. Peonies for instance are truly in season starting at the end of April to the end of June. Yes we are seeing them now in July and August but they are coming from Alaska. Yes we do see them again in the fall but they are coming from the Southern Hemisphere. You will pay a higher price for these gorgeous blooms when they are out of their peak season. Trust your florist to guide you to blooms that will be at their peak blooming for the time of your wedding. There may be some gorgeous blooms that you might not think of that will really set your day apart.

Heather O'Brien Design | La Bella Imagery | Ruby Reds Floral

La Bella Imagery

Care and Handling:

Who doesn’t want the freshest looking blooms on their wedding day? A stunning bridal bouquet doesn’t just happen by coincidence. A professional florist orders in the flowers for a wedding with thoughtfully calculated notice. The blooms are then carefully hydrated and processed to ensure their longevity on the wedding day.   A seasoned professional will know the tricks to get the flowers to open to their optimum state and then hold them in a cooler to keep them at their peak. Not all flowers require the same approach so an expert is best!

Heather O'Brien Design | Jenn Guthrie Photography | Ruby Reds Floral

Jenn Guthrie Photography

Bang for your Buck:

As a professional in the wedding industry for many years, we know lots of tricks to help a bride get the most punch for the floral budget she has available. This includes where to spend your money and where you can save your money. I always recommend the bride get the bouquet of her dreams and if necessary go for a more simple bridesmaids’ bouquet design. Repurposing blooms is also another great idea. Moving large ceremony pieces next to a sweetheart table or cake display will let you enjoy those blooms throughout the day. A true professional can also help reign in those Pinterest ideas into something that will fit into a bride’s realistic budget. Another great perk of working with a professional is that we have a vast inventory of props available for rent. This will help you save you both money and hassle of purchasing them yourself.

Heather O'Brien Design | Melissa Robinson Photography | Ruby Reds Floral

Melissa Robinson Photography

Logistics & Emergencies:

We work closely with wedding photographers, planners and venue coordinators to ensure that flowers are delivered for photos and to allow for ample time for setting up. We are knowledgeable in the hauling of vases, candles and flowers and know how to properly transport them to your wedding venue. Especially in Florida, it is extremely important that flowers are kept in a cooler as long as possible and transported in air conditioned vehicles so they remain as fresh as possible. From time to time emergencies arise. We always plan ahead and have extra blooms on hand as well as a few spare vases.


  1. Bella Wiley says:

    I like how you mentioned that the blooms are then carefully hydrated and processed to ensure their longevity on the wedding day, and only a good and skilled florist can do that.

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a florist we can hire to prepare the bouquet and flower arrangement on our wedding day; I’m glad I came across this article and read about the importance of hiring a florist.

    I will share this with my husband and see how this can help us decide who and when to contact a florist to help us with the matter.

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