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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

Friends! I am so excited to bring back my guest blogger series that helps educate brides (and now creatives!) on different topics that relate to their wedding or their business. What better way to kick off than with this awesome husband + wife duo from Pine and Perfume. Today they’ll be talking about their top 5 reasons why you should hire a professional wedding videographer for your big day. In the past, we’ve heard from Dairing Events about wedding planning and Ruby Red Floral and Garden about florals and so many more amazing businesses. But today is all about the videography! Below are Mark and Michelle’s top 5 reasons videography is such an important investment for your wedding.


Photography by Alondra Vega

1. Watch Moments You Missed

How many times have you heard that cliché saying “it goes by so fast”? I remember hearing this over and over throughout planning our wedding, but never took it to heart. After our wedding, we were having a tough time remembering what even happened (and that was pre-drinks)! The whole day is such a blur, not to mention half of the wedding you don’t even see. Funny how you miss so much of your own wedding, huh? Without having our wedding video, we would have never known what happened while we were taking family photos, during cocktail hour, getting to watch the funny moments of our bridal party intros, seeing our family dancing while we were mingling with guests, all the funny moments in the photo booth, etc. Besides, who wouldn’t want to relive the best day of their life over and over again?

2. Capturing Sound

While pictures are so important to have, they can’t capture what is said on your wedding day. You might get a picture of your maid of honor giving her speech, but I guarantee you’re going to forget exactly what she said. If you’re writing your own vows, or just want the “I Do’s” captured, the only way to be able to remember that years from now would be through a video. Sure, your cousin might have recorded a faraway zoomed in blurry shot of you two up there on her phone, but is that something you want to worry about saving in “the cloud” somewhere? Getting to hear these moments again really makes you appreciate what was said that day so much more! Some videographers overlay a song throughout your whole wedding video and do not include actual audio/voices, so if that is important to you, make sure you ask about that upfront!

3. Candid Moments

You might be thinking, “sure, it’d be nice to have those candid moments with my hubby”, but have you thought about the special moments dancing with grandma, or laughing with grandpa that you might miss? When you watch your wedding video 5 years from now, some family members may no longer be around, and what better way to remember them than with these sweet little moments caught on video? One of the things we ask our brides before their big day is “do you have any extra special sentimental moments you definitely want captured?”. One bride requested we film her and her grandpa dancing to the electric slide- it was a tradition in their family, so we made sure to include that in her video. Whether you have a special moment off the top of your head like that, or you just want moments captured with your family members, you can look back years from now and feel all the love!

4. Feel the Emotions

I can’t stress this one enough! This kind of goes back to the whole concept of “everything is a blur”. The only way to remember exactly how you felt on that day, is watching yourselves and your reactions to ALL the things! Watching Mark and I recite our vows, while crying, makes us cry every time we watch our video. It puts us exactly back to where we were in that moment and how we felt up there declaring our love for each other. Of course I saved the books we wrote our vows in, but reading a piece of paper years from now is nothing like watching that moment again on camera. Maybe an important moment to you is your mom or dad seeing you in the dress for the first time and getting to see their reaction. Or seeing how your groom looked at you while you walked down the aisle, or how you looked at him during your first dance as husband and wife. These are the moments we want to capture for you on video to relive over and over again! Even watching your friends and family dancing during the reception can bring back emotions of how fun your wedding was and you’ll be able to feel that happy, loving energy with all of your loved ones for years to come!

5. Share with Friends and Family

Just because you invite 200 of your closest friends and family, doesn’t mean they will all be able to make it to your wedding. Unfortunately, some people that you thought for sure would be there or you really wanted there might not be able to come for one reason or another. That being said, sending friends and family your wedding video is an amazing way for them to watch how beautiful, fun, and filled with love your wedding day was and it can even make them feel like they were really there! Whether you post a link to FB, send them an email, text it to them, or even send over a USB/DVD, it’s something you will be able to treasure forever and your family and friends can relive that special day too. We had a watch party with all of our local friends and family once our wedding video was ready. It was such a great experience and we recommend doing that with your family to celebrate that day all over again with them!

Enjoy, friends!


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