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My Favorite Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

The Joyful Garden Planner | Amber Housley

As Christmas approaches you can usually find yourself in one of two categories. 1. Those who have about 90% of the shopping list checked off OR 2. Those who haven’t even made a list yet. My personality forces me to be in that first category. My anxiety level couldn’t handle waiting until the last minute. I’ve come to terms with this over the years 😉 I have been blessed with a pretty good ability to gift-give. I actually love finding the perfect gift for someone. I know that not everyone has that ability and may need a little help with gift-giving. So Merry, early, Christmas – I have provided a list below of some of my favorite items. And bonus! most of them are from small businesses, so you’ll be helping support a family this Christmas by shopping small!

Heather O'Brien Design | Holiday Gift Guide

  1. The Boss Lady – Bossy Mug
  2. The Organizer – Simplified Planner
  3. The Toddler – Wooden Name Puzzle
  4. The Reader – Grace not Perfection
  5. The New Parent to be – Bluum Boxes
  6. The Teenager – Turtle Shell Boom Box
  7. The Gardener – The Joyful Garden Planner
  8. The Baby – Monogrammed Jelly Cat Bunny
  9. The New Home Owner – House Plus Love
  10. The Cook – Wooden Measuring Spoons



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