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It’s been about a year and a half since I really became intentional with my Instagram account.  Since then, I have noticed a significant difference, not only in my following, but also in my website traffic and my bookings. So I thought I’d walk you through some of the simple steps I took that had […]

How I changed my Instagram game in one year. My tips and tricks | Heather O'Brien Design


Y’all! I’m so stinkin’ excited that this is finally live to world! I have been working day and night for the last 2 months to introduce to you the newest extension of the Heather O’Brien Design family. Now, not only am I helping couples brand their dream weddings through invitations and stationery. I am now […]


Today I wanted to talk about how I successfully blogged for a whole year and share 3 tips (and tools!) on how I did it. So how would someone design “successful”? There honestly is no true definition, since each person defines it differently. For some people, when talking about successful blogging, they could be referring […]

Heather O'Brien Design | Successful Blogging


Being a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Not only do you actually have to do what you’re in business for, you have to be your own book keeper and accountant, your own social media guru and content manager, your own photographer, it’s a lot. Now of course, you could totally outsource […]

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This year I had the opportunity to attend the National Stationery Show in New York City. I have wanted to go since I started my business 7 years ago. This year, the opportunity presented itself, and I’m so glad it did! I planned a quick 48-hour trip and hit the ground running. I flew into […]

Heather O'Brien Design | National Stationery Show | New York City


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Picking out the perfect wedding invitations can be so overwhelming, much less knowing the perfect time to start the process or send them out! Grab your free guide to walk you through a checklist of what you need and when you need to send them!