As Christmas approaches you can usually find yourself in one of two categories. 1. Those who have about 90% of the shopping list checked off OR 2. Those who haven’t even made a list yet. My personality forces me to be in that first category. My anxiety level couldn’t handle waiting until the last minute. […]

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As Thanksgiving is approaching, many people will be traveling and needless to say the kids will always make it interesting! We’ve got quite a few road trips under our belts with all three kids in tow, from “short” road trips to Alabama and much, much longer road trips to upstate New York (for those who […]

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To say our life is crazy is a bit of an understatement. We have 3 children under that age of 5, 2 pups and hectic schedules. I am very blessed to be able to work from home, saving a bit of sanity from a 45-minute commute (we live in the middle of the country). But […]

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To say I’m a bit behind is an understatement. Our twin girls, Emily and Sarah, turned one back in August and I am just now getting around to editing images and writing a blog post. I don’t have my hands full or anything…. And in true style, I threw a huge bash. I seriously have […]

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Picking out the perfect wedding invitations can be so overwhelming, much less knowing the perfect time to start the process or send them out! Grab your free guide to walk you through a checklist of what you need and when you need to send them!