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Life With Twins | My go-to Items as a Mom

Heather O'Brien Design | Life with Twins | My go-to Items as a Mom
To say our life is crazy is a bit of an understatement. We have 3 children under that age of 5, 2 pups and hectic schedules. I am very blessed to be able to work from home, saving a bit of sanity from a 45-minute commute (we live in the middle of the country). But there are still days where it can get very crazy juggling said kiddos, work and every other life event going on. Oh and did I mention that 2 of those 3 kiddos are identical twins?! It was quite the surprise for us, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! I almost couldn’t imagine doing everything in twos now. So I figured I would share some of my tips that help our ship sail a little smoother (most days). Thankfully our 5 year old is in school during the day, so most of these pertain to wrangling 1-year-old twins.

Playtex Sipsters
– Because the last thing I want to do is run around cleaning up spilled milk. For our oldest daughter the Nibby cups always worked, but for these two they loved to bite the nipple and spill it out everywhere. So the Playtex ones are nice because they have the hard plastic top that they aren’t able to break and they don’t leak! And bonus! They’re super inexpensive and come in a 2-pack, it was meant to be!

0145362_pe304807_s5Ikea KALAS Plates – We LOVE these things. I can’t believe we just discovered these recently. We have two sets of them (since we go through 6 a day!) but they’re so compact and easy to wash it’s no big deal! They’re fun bright colors, stack easily, and again, super inexpensive. They also have matching cups and silverware, but we haven’t tried those out yet.


up-up-diapersTarget Diapers – Since we had been around the block once before, I knew that Target brand diapers were the way to go. For our oldest, I had a full spread sheet comparing all of the diapers, including Amazon’s programs, as well as the membership club stores and if I remember correctly, Target diapers came in at $.14/diaper! And since we were now buying DOUBLE the diapers, this was a no-brainer. AND they are actually really good quality diapers! I will add a slight disclaimer, I have only raised girls, so I do not know how these fare on boys. On and 90% of the time, Target gives you a $10-$20 gift card when you buy two boxes!

0014153_bath-ringKeter Bath Chair – I LOVE these chairs. I have seen mixed reviews on them, but they have worked wonderful for all of our kids. They suction to the bottom of the tub and allow them to sit up in it without fear of falling over into the water as they’re still learning their balance. All our kids used these from about 5 months to about 15 months. These were even better when we had two little ones we were trying to bathe at the same time! The only downside to these is that they are a little pricy and have to be purchased from overseas.


Baby Jogger City Select
– When we first found out we were having twins, (we laughed and cried…a lot) and then we research our finger tips off to learn all of the in’s and out’s of having twins. One of the biggest items I spent time researching was strollers. What was best, what was easiest, what did they cost. We decided to go with the City Select Stroller. We went with it for a few reasons. This stroller can go from infant carriers (with an attachment) all the way up to toddler, and can be easily converted from a one sitter, to a two seater. It was a heavy duty stroller that would hold up to wear and tear. It also allowed for a ride along attachment for our oldest daughter. We really do love this stroller, it is amazing easy to steer with 50+ pound on it! I will have to say it does have a few downsides. It is quite pricey. I was lucky enough to find it used from another twin mom, but they still don’t come cheap as they hold their value well (am I talking about a car here!?) And they can be a little bulky when you have both toddler seats with it. I have a mid-size SUV and it takes up the whole back almost. Now that they girls are a little older we do have a smaller double umbrella stroller for quick trips to the store, but this one is really good for longer days (zoo, theme parks, long shopping trips, etc). Still, I don’t regret buying and think we’ll keep it a few more years before passing it along.

41zglxuaazl-_sx425_Noise Machine – For all of our kids, this was a must! Our oldest still sleeps with one. When they hear it come on, they know I mean business and it’s bed time. I LOVE this one we got off of Amazon, we even take it when we travel. It is really nice to also have this background noise to help drown out any other noise around the house or if one of the twins is fussing, the other one doesn’t get woken up as easily.









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