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wedding collection ordering process

1. pick your suite

Ready to move forward? Time to pick out your perfect suite! Decide which of the suites is perfect for your big day and look through the different package options for each suite to decide what is perfect for you and your budget. You will also see a list of optional add on items that you can select.

2. order a sample

Do you want to know what the suite feels like and looks like in person? Order a sample! Each of the Wedding Collection Suites have samples available for purchase. You will receive a full suite as it is pictured in the wedding collection. Each sample is $10 and if you choose to move forward with ordering one of the wedding collections, your $10 will be credited back to you.

3. customize your suite

You are able to customize the wording, ink color, and paper choices to you and your wedding day, but the general design layout will remain the same. This allows us to keep the price of the collection and turnaround time lower than custom-design invitation suites.

4. place your order

Once you have decided on what suite is perfect for you and chosen your package, add-on items, and quantity, you can checkout with your 50% retainer and the fun begins! You will receive a welcome email that will have your next steps to allow the proofing process to start!

5. submit wording

When you place your order, you will be added to our client management system that will allow you to view all of your documents along the way. You will receive a form to fill out that will provide us with all of the wording to use in your suite and to provide any additional information we need to know.

7. approval and final payment

Once your design is approved and perfect, you will receive a print release to sign and submit your final payment and then we can start production!

9. shipping

When your order is complete, you will be notified and your suite will be shipped to the address you provided via FedEx.

6. proofing

After you have submitted your wording, you will receive a proof of your suite within 3 business days. If customizations are needed, it could take an additional 3-5 days. You will be allowed two complimentary rounds of edits to your suite before final approval is required.

8. production

Production takes approximately 2-4 weeks depending on which suite you ordered. This allows us to have it perfectly printed, assembled, and quality assured.

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The beauty of the wedding shoppe is that you are receiving the high-quality design and product without the custom design price tag. On average wedding shoppe orders range from $750 - $1,500 depending on quantity and add ons.

Wedding Shoppe Investment

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