One of the most frequent questions I get as we are finalizing the wedding invitation process is “how much will it cost to mail my invitations”. So I figured this would be a good time to sum up all of the different items and factors that go into calculating your correct postage for your wedding […]

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Happy Monday, everyone! Last month I talked about wedding invitation etiquette and what went into each line of the wedding invitation. Today I am continuing my etiquette series with answering some questions about the response card that accompanies the wedding invitation. It may be the smallest card in the suite, but it is pretty mighty […]

Invitation Etiquette | The Small but Mighy Response Card | Heather O'Brien Design


Most frequently when working with clients on custom wedding invitations, I spend a lot of time answering questions about etiquette, whether it is for the invitations themselves, additional cards or guest addresses. So I wanted to spend some time going through these different items and breaking down the etiquette details that go into each one. […]

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