3 reasons your stationery business might not be attracting your ideal client

Why your stationery business may not be attracting your ideal client | how to define your ideal client | my exact client experience process

Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to always book the same types of clients? Whether that is the style of work, the budget of the client, or something else. Well, that’s probably because that business has spent time figuring out WHO their ideal client is. Because until you figure out what type of client you want to attract (aka book your dream clients over and over again), you won’t be able to “target” them and market to them, and thus bringing them in your door to book.

So, today I wanted to go over the 3 reasons you may not be attracting your ideal client and how you can change that and book your dream client over and over again.

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So, without further ado – let’s get to the good stuff!

1. Have you defined your ideal client?

First things first – do you even know who your ideal client is? It so hard when you’re casting a wide net to bring in the right client. Sometimes it may sound scary to niche down to a specific type of client, but it is so much easier to attract and market to that specific client when you do. It also eliminates any type of confusion that may occur if you’re trying to target so many different types of clients. So how do you go about figuring out who your ideal client is? If you could work with any specific type of client, who would it be? It’s hard to attract your ideal client if you don’t even know who your ideal client would be. I highly recommend stepping back and thinking of some of your favorite projects or clients that you have worked with; what did they have in common? Was it their type of design aesthetic, was it their budget or expectation for their invitation process? What did they do for a living? These are all parts of questions that make up what’s called a client avatar. A client avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal client. A quick search online and you can find tons of different quizzes that will walk you through narrowing down your ideal client!

Here is my ideal client: My ideal client is from the South and she is a college-educated, young professional in her early 30s who values quality and detail. She loves delicate and feminine designs and is ready to invest in the wedding of her dreams.

2. Does your work and branding attract your ideal client?

So now that you have gone through the process of defining who your ideal client is. How are you going to attract them? Aka – convince them to come to you and book you? You need to “speak” to them. You need to make sure that what you are showing on your website and social media is what your ideal client would want to see. It’s almost like in real estate where a house is staged in such a way that the potential buyer could envision themselves in that home. You want to show things that your ideal client could envision for their stationery or invitations. If your ideal client is a higher-end bride who loves soft and delicate details; do you think a bold and bright Paw Patrol birthday party invite is going to speak to her? (and by the way — you shouldn’t be designing with licensed characters!) No, it wouldn’t. That’s not to say that every single piece has to be 100% perfect to speak to your ideal client, but I would say you need to maintain at least a 80/20 balance when you’re thinking of your website and social media. (80% geared towards your ideal client and 20% of other, somewhat complimentary, things mixed in).

3. Is your process and client experience up to par for your ideal client?

Once you’ve booked your ideal client, how are you treating them? Of course I wouldn’t expect you to turn Jekyll and Hyde on them, but is your process and experience living up to the expectations you’ve presented to them through your website, social media, consultation, etc? Sometimes it’s so easy to forget about the process and experience portion, since you’re so worried about getting them to book — you may neglect some of the most important stuff! This is a big investment for your client and if it’s for a wedding, more than likely it’s their first time going through this process! You want to make it unforgettable for them. Things like using a CRM to seamlessly walk them through the process, or taking time to put together amazing mock ups, or something as simple as a welcome gift or “just checking in!” email. These items can go a long way with building a great relationship with your ideal client. And while I would expect this no matter the gain from it — your ideal clients tend to run in the same circles. You can bet your bottom dollar if your ideal client you booked has an amazing experience, that when her BFF gets engaged; she’ll be sending her your way!

Want to get a more in-depth view into my exact client experience with each of my clients? Grab my freebie below that outlines my exact process that allows almost 75% of my business to come from referrals from past clients, their families and fellow vendors.

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