Ordering Details


For wedding invitations, base prices start at $7.00 for one set. One "set" includes one invitation, one response card, one outer envelope, and one response envelope. The price also includes digital printing and assembly. It does not include the custom design, stamps, stuffing, sealing, postal delivery services, or taxes. From there, prices can increase based on additions such as extra cards, addressing, specialty printing, etc.

The average Heather O'Brien Design bride spends approximately $2,000-$3,000 on save the dates and invitations and $500-$1,000 on wedding day paper goods and stationery. This totals about 8% of the wedding budget.


Due to the nature of custom invitations, a minimum of 50 sets need to be ordered. After that you can order in increments of 5. It is recommended that you order 10 sets extra to keep on hand. Remember, when deciding how many sets you need, you count the number of households that you are sending invitations to, not the number of people being invited.


Once your design has been started, you will receive a digital PDF proof of your pieces to review and provide edits. You have the opportunity to provide up to three complementary sets of edits. You will not receive an actual hard copy proof of your invitation suite.

Turn Around Time

The standard turnaround time for invitations is 6 to 8 weeks. If specialty printing or items are added, additional time is needed. It is recommended that you start the ordering process at least 4 to 6 months prior to the mailing date to make sure there is plenty of time and to keep the process as stress free as possible.


Once your invitations are assembled a meet up can be scheduled for delivery. If you’re unavailable or outside the Jacksonville area, we can arrange shipping your invitations via USPS or FedEx for an additional fee.


Additional Offerings

There are many different ways to dress up your invitation suite. Some ways include enclosures, ribbon, specialty backings or printing, envelope liners, and more. One or all of these additional offerings can bring your suite together and coordinate nicely with your theme and color palette.

Print Options

For all of our standard invitation sets, digital (flat) printing is included. We do offer specialty printing options such as thermography, foil, or letterpress. Additional time is needed when any of the specialty printing options are used.

Digital Printing ($) is flat printing where a digital image is transferred directly onto the paper. Digital printing allows for a quicker turnaround and use of multiple colors for the same price.

Thermography ($$) is a printing method where a powder is added on top of ink printing and placed under heat to create a raised effect on top of the paper.

Foil Printing ($$$) is when a plate is replicated of your design and used to press metallic foil into the paper. Foil printing is beautiful and can be done in many different colors and works well when combined with digital printing or letterpress.

Letterpress Printing ($$$$) is the most expensive of the printing methods, but equally as beautiful. A plate is created with your design and a direct impression of an inked, raised surface is rolled against your paper to press your design into the paper.

Paper Choices

Our standard papers that are including in our sets are a white or ecru 100lb linen. For letterpress printing a 110lb or double-thick 220lb white or ecru cotton is used. Specialty papers can be picked out for additional fees.


For our standard suites, digital printing is included. The benefit of digital printing is the option to use a wide array of colors at no additional cost. When using specialty print methods such as thermography and letterpress, Pantone colors have to be chosen from a swatch book. For those specialty print methods, we do not recommend using more than 1-2 colors, as the price starts to increase drastically with each color added.


There are so many different options available when wording your wedding suite. I've included some general etiquette guidelines in my etiquette section.

White Glove Services


If you don’t want to handwrite your guest names and addresses on the mailing envelopes, or writing the return address over and over again, you can choose to have them printed on the envelopes. We can digitally print them on the envelopes to match the fonts and colors of the invitations. Prices start are $1.75/set. Foil and letterpress printing are also options for return addresses. If you choose this service, an excel sheet with formatting will be provided to you.


If you would like handwritten calligraphy for your guest addresses, I am happy to provide options for local calligraphers or I can handle the calligraphy for a flat service fee.

Stuffing and Sealing

When you receive your invitations, if there are any backings or enclosures, the backings will be already adhered as part of our service. If you would like your cards stacked and stuffed into the envelopes and/or enclosures and sealed, that service can be added for $1.25/suite. If you choose this add-on service, we will require return postage be added on as well so it can be placed on your response envelopes before they are stuffed into the envelopes.


There are many different options for picking out postage for your wedding invitations. This is a fun way to dress up your envelopes! We can help you pick out the best postage for you or handle it for you all together. Below are a few different options:

USPS Stamps The Post Office offers a wide variety stamps that can be used for your Save the Dates and invitations. Usually with the weight of invitations, multiple stamps need to be used to add up to the correct postage needed. The great thing about using stamps from the Post Office is that there is no mark ups on the stamps

Custom Designed Stamps Creating custom-designed stamps to match your invitation suite is a unique way to dress up your postage. There are several websites that can print custom stamps for you, our favorite being zazzle.com. If you would like me to design a custom stamp that you can upload to one of these sites, I can do that for a $30 fee.

Vintage Stamps Vintage stamps are a fun and creative way to customize your envelopes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching vintage stamps. You can find stamps that coordinate with your wedding colors, your hobbies, or wedding location. We have several different vendors we recommend for sourcing vintage stamps, just email me! If you would rather me handle sourcing your vintage stamps, I can do that for a $75 fee.

Postage and Mailing


When mailing your invitations, you want to take a completely assembled suite to the local post office that you plan to mail your invitations from and have it weighed for accuracy. Invitation suites will range between 2 and 4 ounces, costing approximately $.71 - $1.13 to mail. Response cards are usually covered by a standard first class/forever stamp ($.50). Keep in mind that certain things will cause the cost to increase, such as ribbons, square envelopes, wax seals or thick suites.

Hand Canceling

The Post Office runs mail through a machine when processing. Hand canceling is when the Post Office places an ink seal over the postage stamp to process, opposed to running it through the machine. This can save on damaging or bending your invitations. Some Post Offices will hand cancel your invitations for you (sometimes for free). Some will let you hand cancel them off to the side before handing them over. It really depends on your local Post Office.

When to Mail

Save the Dates should be sent out approximately 9-12 months in advance to give your guests notice for planning and accommodations. Invitations should be sent out 8-10 weeks before the wedding day. If the wedding is on a holiday weekend, a destination wedding, or if a majority of guests are from out of town, invitations should go out 12-14 weeks in advance.