3 Reasons to use Dubsado in Your Stationery Business

Hi, friends! Last week, I went over how to present your stationery mockups to your clients to really wow them, and I got so much wonderful feedback! This week I wanted to expand more on the system that I use for my mock ups and go over the top 3 reasons you should be using Dubsado for your stationery business.

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I guess you could say that systems are my jam. I like to think that it is the very type A personality in me coming out. I’m a constant list maker and note taker. I want to make sure that everything is organized like it should be and truly believe everything has a place (even though my kids don’t seem to think so..).

I use Dubsado, a CRM, to help run about 80-90% of my stationery business. I have been using Dubsado for about 2 years now, and before Dubsado, I was using about 6 different “systems” to make my business work and would spend hours on the proposal, on-boarding and proofing process. Once I discovered Dubsado I was able to merge all of the systems into one spot and truly get my life back. Now since using Dubsado, I have almost cut my time spent on each project in half, while almost doubling my bottom line. Since I cut so much time out with all of the mundane stuff, I was able to take on more clients and expand my services to grow my business to its full potential.

I could really go on and on about how amazing Dubsado is, but I wanted to walk through 3 of the main reasons why you should be using Dubsado for your stationery business. And if the next few paragraphs aren’t enough to convince you, I have put together a video that walks you through an overview of how I use Dubsado with my clients! I find visuals always help, so be sure to sign up and grab the video link below!


Everything is in one spot

Again, this goes back to my type A personality. This just makes sense. Instead of your contract being on one system, your proposal in an email, your invoice in quickbooks, your questionnaire on google docs, everything is now housed under one roof. Even if this is all Dubsado did, it would be worth it. The headache of going back and forth between systems, and forgetting or losing stuff are now in the past. Dubsado allows me to literally keep 90% of everything I need for my client filed away (and organized amazingly) in my client project. That other 10% are my design files, etc.

Great Client Experience

From day one of using Dubsado with my clients, I have received so much feedback about how much they “love my process” aka – how easy I make it for them. How do I make it easy? By having my system set up in Dubsado to help walk them seamlessly through the invitation process. When I was first setting up Dubsado, I spent probably 30-40 hours diving in, learning what Dubsado could do, how it could work for me, and how I could transfer my process into it and really make it work for my clients. Still to this day, I get emails about how easy I have made it for the client to not only have everything in one spot for them (hello, client portals!) but also how smooth the process went.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Simply put, Dubsado is doing all of the hard work for you. So that way you have more time to spend on your clients and more time for you! They have an amazing team that has grown Dubsado into something so powerful and are steps ahead of what the market is in need of. They have literally made running a business and working with clients so much easier than I think we could have ever imagined. So many people get burnt out with the ins and outs of their business that they don’t find joy in it anymore. But I will say when you have a smart system working with you and your clients, you can get back to truly enjoying your business.

If you are more of a visual person, be sure to sign up below to grab your free video link walking you through how I use Dubsado to help run my stationery business!

Are you sold on Dubsado? You can use my link to sign up and grab 20% off your first month or first year*.

Want to get Dubsado set up for your stationery business, but can’t find the time? I’ve got you covered! I offer Dubsado set up services exclusively for stationery designers. Shoot me an email if you have any questions or would like details, hello@heatherobriendesign.com.

*Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link for Dubsado and when you sign up with my link, I do receive affiliate profit from it. I am only an affiliate for products I truly believe in.

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