why branding is so important as a stationery designer

Why branding is so important as a stationery designer | 3 quick fixes | The Cultivated Creative

I am so excited for this week’s topic in our series. We’ll be talking about why your branding is so important in your stationery business and how it can truly propel your business and align you with your target audience.

If you’re just tuning in, I am putting together a blog series for 12 weeks that is chock full of great advice, tips and freebies to help stationers (and calligraphers) run their stationery business to fullest. Below are links for our previous posts:

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So let’s dive right in!

The difference between a brand and branding
A brand is the overall feeling that your business portrays to your viewers. What emotions does it evoke from them? What experience are they receiving. What does it say to them? Are you bright and colorful? Are you high end and modern?

A brand is not your logo.
A brand is not your colors.

Branding is the makeup of all of the elements that go into your business. This is where your logo, your colors, your imagery, your voice, and your cohesiveness come into play. All of these items make up your branding to in turn, form your brand.

So now that we have defined the difference in those two terms, I want to talk about why branding is so important as a stationery designer. When potential clients are looking online for who to hire for their invitations or stationery, you better believe that they are looking at your overall website and online presence to get a feel for what type of designer you are. They want to see how you have designed not only other invitations or stationery, but how you have designed for yourself (it doesn’t matter if you did it yourself or hired someone else). I think it boils down to the fact that you take the time to put your best foot forward with your own work and they will appreciate that and know what to expect from you when they hire you. You need to show them that you are passionate about your branding, because at the end of the day, you are essentially branding their wedding or event.

I know that when I was a bride and I was researching vendors (any type of vendor honestly) and I would go to websites, if their website was outdated or haphazardly thrown together without much thought or design, I would click right out of there without even looking through it. In my mind, if they didn’t take the time or care enough to invest in their own website or work, what made me think they would care enough about the work I hired them to do.

There is no doubt that we are in the digital age and that is the first place potential clients go to decide if they want to move forward with inquiring with us. And as stationery designers it even more important because our work is so visual and our website needs to portray that to its fullest, especially if you are a business that works with online clients only and they don’t meet you in person to see and feel actual samples.

Through our website and branding we need to answer the following questions for our viewers:
Who am I as a designer (through your branding, colors, visuals, cohesiveness and consistency)
What it is that I am selling (be specific, do you specialize in handmade paper with letterpress printing, showcase those details)
Why they should hire me (what can I do for them, what problem can I solve? What can they expect from me with our process)

All three of these questions can be “answered” on your website through both visual and text, and you should really take advantage of both. The text will be huge for SEO purposes, and the visuals will be “quick wins” for capturing someone’s attention. I put together 3 quick fixes you can do to your website in 1-2 hours to make sure your branding is on point for your website! Download your freebie below!

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