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The Difference Between a Brand Refresh and a Full ReBrand


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You may be debating whether or not your brand needs just a bit of a refresh or a complete overhaul? Well, friend, I’m here to help! I’m going to walk you through a few questions to ask yourself and show you some examples of a rebrand versus a refresh.

You’ve probably heard both of those terms thrown around if you’ve been in business for a while. And if you’re asking yourself if you need one of those, you probably value your brand and recognize how important a brand is for your business. Essentially, your brand is the face of your business. It is how viewers and potential clients connect with you. A brand is not just your logo. Your brand is so much more; it is the colors, the patterns, the logo, the look and the feel. It is the voice and the emotions that speak to each and every person that has some touchpoint with your brand, whether it is through your website,  business cards, social media, ads, or emails. The key is consistency and cohesiveness. Does your brand feel that way when you look at it? If not, it may be time for a rebrand or refresh.

You may just need a refresh if:

You like some elements of your logo, but aren’t 100% in love with it. Maybe you like the magnolia icon in your logo, but maybe it’s time to change it from clipart to an elegant watercolor magnolia? Maybe you or your clientele have grown over the last few years and your logo needs to be tweaked to reflect that. Maybe you like your logo, but your color palette and fonts just aren’t doing anything for you anymore. Or maybe you have a logo that you do love, but don’t actually have a brand to go with it; no set colors, fonts, patterns, imagery, etc. A refresh will help you define those items to make a well-rounded brand. If this sounds like you when you look at your brand, then it may be time for a refresh!

Below is a sample of a brand refresh for Dream Bridal, a wedding dress boutique in Boston. Malinda, the owner, wanted a refresh to appeal to her clientele and didn’t feel like her current logo executed that. We kept the basic “bones” of her logo and just freshen up the colors and fonts. We did keep one of her key fonts to tie in some with her original logo.

Brand Refresh | Dream Bridal Boston | Heather O'Brien Design


You may need a rebrand if:

You hate your logo and want nothing to do with it anymore. Haha ok – this one is a little more cut and dry, but there are still some good questions to ask before making the decision. Why don’t you like your logo anymore? Has your business evolved so much that it speaks nothing to what you do or your ideal clients? Did you whip it up in Word by yourself and realize you need to hand the reins over to a pro? Then it may be time for a rebrand. But seriously, a rebrand is just that, a fresh start to truly think about what you want your business to say to the world how to best make your brand shine.

When I first started my business in 2010, I was fresh out of college with a degree in graphic design, so I thought for sure I had to do my own logo. Ha! Well, that logo lasted about 2 years and then I realized just how awful it was. So in 2012, I realized I needed a rebrand but still didn’t think I should pay someone else do it, so I came up with a brand new logo, new colors, fonts, etc. I was so proud! Well, sort of. There was always a part of me that just wasn’t totally in love. But, I rocked that brand for about 3 more years. That was about the time that my stationery business was really started taking off and evolving into something very specific. My style had really been set, I was attracting my ideal client, but I still knew that my brand didn’t fully represent where I was in my business. So, I did some soul searching and finally decided to hire a professional. Then I asked myself, why in the world hadn’t I done this sooner? You can see a full progression of my business branding here. Once I rebranded my business and had a full, cohesive design that I loved, my business truly started to reflect that and it was a huge turning point. My brand really started to attract my ideal client and watch my business excel.

Below is actually a sample of rebrand I did a few years ago. I want to completely do away with my current logo and keep nothing about it! I knew it was time to elevate my logo and my brand to match my ideal client. I worked with a brand designer who helps creative business who are sometimes too close to their own designs and need to hand the reigns over to someone else!

Rebrand | Heather O'Brien Design


I hope this helps answer any questions about rebranding or refreshing your business! If you’re still unsure, reach out to me and we’ll walk through it together!


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